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Church Policies


 Accident and Near Miss Reporting Policy

 Animal and Pet Policy

 Anti-discrimination and Harassment Policy

 Asbestos Policy

 Bring your own Device Policy

 Church Worker Code of Conduct

 Complaints Policy and Procedures

 Computer email and internet Usage Policy

 Conflict of Interest Policy

 Data Protection Policy

 Data Retention Schedule

 Disability Access Policy

 Disciplinary Procedure Policy

 Electrical PAT Testing Policy

 Employment Policy

 Environmental Policy

 Equal Opportunities - Policy Statement

 Equal Opportunities Employment Policy

 Fire Safety Policy and Procedures - Kingshill School

 Fire Safety Policy and Procedures - The Centre

 Food Preparation Policy

 Grievance Procedure Policy

 Hazardous Substance Policy

 Health & Safety Policy - Kingshill School

 Health & Safety Policy - The Centre

 Leave of Absence Policy

 Legionella Policy

 Lettings Policy

 Lone Working Policy

 Manual Handling Policy

 Media Policy (Photographs & Filming)

 Policy Statement on the recruitment of ex-offenders

 Recruitment Policy for Paid Employees

 Retirement Policy

 Serious Incident Reporting

 Slips Trips and Falls Policy

 Smoking Drug and Alcohol Policy

 Social Media Policy

 Volunteer Policy

 Work Equipment Policy

 Working at Height Policy


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